This is How To Obtain an Urgent Passport at Nyayo House

October 1, 2021

There is good news for Kenyans who require travelling abroad on short notice.

Only a small percentage of Kenyans own a passport, which oftentimes complicates travel, particularly in emergency situations.

The Directorate of Immigration Services at Nyayo House acknowledges this reality, and has announced a new service to remedy it.

In a press statement on Thursday, Directorate General Alexander Muteshi announced that a special desk has been set aside to help applicants who may be in need of urgent passports e.g. for medical emergencies, studying abroad etc.

Dubbed ‘Counter 16’, the desk will be located on the ground floor of Nyayo House.

Applicants will be required to provide evidence proving that they require the passport urgently. They will then submit a request for rescheduling, bringing forward their date. This can all be done on the e-citizen portal.

Immigration has also warned against using other channels e.g. brokers, to obtain an early appointment. They said that any booking that bypasses the online portal will be denied.

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