Things to Know About Miss World Kenya 2021 Sharon Obara

October 4, 2021

Sharon Obara was recently crowned Miss World Kenya 2021 after beating 15 other contestants to take over the crown from Ms Maria Wavinya.

Ms Obara will now represent Kenya at the Miss World finals in December in Puerto Rico where she will battle it out with other 141 contestants to stand a chance of walking away with Sh10 million.

For winning Miss World Kenya 2021, Obare took home Sh250,000 prize money.

Sharon Obara speaks about her love for modelling

How was life while growing up?

I’d say my childhood was amazing and colourful. I had so many adventures. My family has always been super supportive of whatever I set out to do and it is in that light that I did not shy away from trying new things.

In school, I joined many clubs including debate, drama and science, a thing that broadened my perspective of life.

Congratulations for clinching the Miss World Kenya 2021 crown. What does it mean to you?

Winning the Kenyan title not only means that I get a chance to represent my country in the Miss World global finals, but also a platform to champion for a cause that is close to my heart.

A dream has come true if you’d ask me. I am grateful that my hard work did not go unnoticed.

I had self confidence and capability of winning, but I won’t lie, my fellow contestants gave me a good run for my money.

Which efforts and sacrifices did you make towards the win?

I really put in a lot of physical, mental and psychological effort. I had to stay fit by watching my diet and exercising regularly. I was also off the radar for a while during the bootcamp.

A lot of friends and family did not see me as frequently as they used to, but I am glad they understood and supported me through it all.

When did you start the modelling journey?

I started my modelling journey in 2018. It has been a journey full of lessons that moulded me.

I am grateful for all of them, as they prepared me for the task that lay ahead of me. Here I am now.

Who or what inspired you to try your hand in modelling?

I was inspired to start modelling after realising that with beauty and brains, I could use the platform to impact change in the society where it was needed.

Apart from modelling, I am a marketer, baker, and a special education and mental health advocate.

What keeps you going?

I am a determined person. Once I put my mind on something, I give it my all and that keeps me going.

I also aspire to make my family proud in whatever I do. At the moment, all my efforts are directed to preparing myself adequately for the global competition.

After that I will continue with my projects and to mentor as many people as I can. My beauty with a purpose project is deepening and broadening awareness on matters mental health.

Simply put, to amplify the message around mental illnesses and to break the stigma that comes with them.

What do you aim to attain in the global showpiece?

My target in this competition is to put Kenya on the map by doing the best that I can.

With the help of the Mr and Miss World Kenya franchise, I intend to put in the work between now and then. You can support me by downloading the mobstar app and vote for me.

Search for Sharon Obara/Miss World Kenya 2021 and vote by swiping right on all my pictures. One like is one vote.

Which model do you look up to?

I look up to Naomi Campbell. She is the perfect definition of beauty with brains. She’s humble, disciplined and dedicated to her cause. She has also done a lot of charity work and mentoring.

Describe your fashion style?

I’d say it’s very versatile with a touch of elegance.

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