New Microchip ID to Allow Kenyans to Travel Without Passpost

October 22, 2021

President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that the government will introduce new Identification Cards with a microchip feature.

Speaking on Mashujaa Day, the president said the new ID is part of the ongoing digitization efforts by the government.

The microchip technology will assist in eliminating the use of false identities by terrorists and other criminals in the country, Uhuru said.

“Digitization aims to eliminate the duplication of efforts in data collection, processing, storage, and production of identification documents which has been a feature of government operations since the dawn of the Republic.

“Our policy interventions will also enhance the security of the current identity card through the implementation of a Micro-Chip Electronic Identity Card (E-ID) that mitigates against emerging security threats such as identity theft, fraud in financial transactions, and the creation of false identities that are utilized in terrorism and other major crimes,Uhuru explained.

Additionally, the new identification documents will allow Kenyan citizens to cross borders within the East Africa Community (EAC) countries without requiring a passport.

“This improved identity card will also be used as a secure travel document within the East Africa Region,” Uhuru  said.

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