Gun-toting Robber Gunned Down in Shoot Out with Dandora Cops

October 5, 2021

Dandora based detectives on Sunday morning gunned down a gun-toting man who was on a robbing spree in Harmony area.

The suspect was part of a gang that had been terrorizing and robbing area residents at gunpoint.

“In the wee hours Sunday morning, detectives received a distress call through our Fichuakwa DCI hotline, that a marauding gang had staged a robbery in Harmony area, where the gang was attacking innocent residents with reckless abandon,” the DCI said in a statement.

The crime busters reportedly caught up with the gangsters as they were robbing a woman.

“The cornered thugs whose party had just been ruined opened fire towards the fast advancing officers as they fled the scene,” the DCI said.

In the ensuing exchange of fire, police officers fatally shot one of the gangsters.

The other two suspects dived into a sewer channel and swum through the sludges towards Njiru.

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