Mulamwah Excited About Fatherhood as Girlfriend Sonie Delivers Baby Girl

September 21, 2021

Comedian David Oyando, alias Mulamwah, and his longtime girlfriend Carrol Sonie have welcomed their first child together.

Sonnie delivered the baby girl on Sunday morning, with the couple announcing the great news to their fans on Monday.

“I am so excited that God has allowed us to be parents to a beautiful baby girl,” Mulamwah said.

“She is called Keilah Oyando. My wife was in labour for a whole day but gladly she delivered successfully in a normal delivery. My daughter weighed three kgs.”

Having suffered a miscarriage last year, Mulamwah noted that Keilah is not a replacement for their lost child.

“Of course our daughter is not a replacement since a loss is a loss, but it feels good,” he said.

The new parents have since opened social media accounts for Keilah Oyando as the newborn bagged a brand ambassador gig with Kids Town.

“This will give me more reasons to work hard and focus more on life. Priorities will change and she is already an ambassador for a clothes company. They will dress her for the next 17 years.”

Mulamwah said he would also protect Keilah from cyberbullies.

“I will not give trolls a chance to write negative comments on her page. I have been on social media and I know the effects of that. I will specifically open pages for her future benefits.

“I earn through social media and so I don’t mind creating a platform for her as early as this.”

On the kind of a dad he hopes to be, Mulamwah said he wants to be the best and ensure Keilah gets everything she deserves.

“We look forward to the best as she grows up.”


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