I’m Laughing All The Way to the Bank, says Eric Omondi After Jimmy Wanjigi Deal

September 8, 2021

Barely a week after drawing the wrath of Kenyans on social media for endorsing Jimmy Wanjigi, Eric Omondi is having the last laugh after inking a deal with the billionaire wheeler-dealer.

On Monday, September 6, the comedian had breakfast with Wanjigi at his Muthaiga residence in what was their first physical meeting.

The two held talks that saw Eric Omondi bag the role of Wanjigi’s mouthpiece.

We have agreed that in the coming months, I will be communicating Wanjigi’s vision for Kenyans,” Omondi said.

“This was our very first physical meeting and he has shared with me his manifesto and development agenda for Kenya. Now I’m his official spokesperson who’ll break down and convey his agenda to Kenyans,” he added.

The comedian insisted that Wanjigi was his choice and that they had never deliberated about his campaign before their meeting.

When asked how much he is set to earn from his partnership with the billionaire, Eric laughed it off. He said: “That’s how I’m going to the bank. Laughing not smiling.”

The comedian said he is not fazed by the negative reaction from a section of his fanbase. He said he has no regrets endorsing Wanjigi fro the presidency in 2022.

“It doesn’t move me. Kenyans of a different opinion than yours will always feel entitled to bash you. It is everyone’s right to support their candidate and I’m no different. That’s why I have pledged my support to his ideology having seen his track record as the leading businessman in the county,” he said.

Eric Omondi at the same time advised fellow entertainers and content creators to be informed in their decisions when endorsing leaders.

“Don’t just do it for money. Do what will impact the future and your career. Instead of wasting time bashing Eric Omondi, why don’t you show us a leader you think can or has made a difference?”


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