Woman Tells Court her Boyfriend’s Ex Bit her Nose in Bar Brawl

August 20, 2021
Naomi Natasha at Milimani Law Courts

A man, his girlfriend, and his former ex-girlfriend found themselves in court after they were involved in a fierce bar brawl in Upper Hill, Nairobi.

According to a police report, David Masenge Nyangau, a doctor at the Kenyatta National Hospital, was in the company of his ex-girlfriend Lucy Wanjiru Kimiti and his new girlfriend Naomi Natasha drinking beer at the said bar on January 17, 2021.

Before they went drinking together, Lucy said she had visited her ex-boyfriend David at his house and left her bag which allegedly had Ksh30, 000 and her phone.

When she returned to collect the bag, she found David with his new catch Naomi, a 24-year-old model. Lucy claimed that money was missing from her purse.

She reported the incident at Kenyatta Police Post after which they were all summoned and the matter was solved amicably.

The trio then went for drinks at the Pronto bar and restaurant, where their newfound peace was shattered. A brawl between the love rivals started after David went to the washroom.

“When he came back he found the two ladies fighting. Naomi, who is the complainant, was on the ground while the accused was on top beating her mercilessly. Lucy bit Naomi on the nose, and she started bleeding,” read the cover report.

When the doctor tried to intervene, Lucy allegedly took a pool ball and hit him on the forehead. He also started bleeding.

The three were jointly charged with creating a disturbance, but Lucy was charged with an additional file of assaulting Naomi.

Naomi told Magistrate Esther Kimilu that she was badly injured and that she is awaiting a second surgery to correct her disfigured nose.

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