Fun Facts To Know About ‘Tujuane X’ Actress Caroline Muthoni

August 30, 2021

Caroline Muthoni is a Nairobi-based actress, commercial model, and an Influencer

She shares little-known facts about herself.

  • I grew up in a village somewhere in Naromoru, Nyeri County.
  • Two things got me into acting. I was jobless and broke, but passion also played a big part.
  • Thanos is one fictional character who would be the most exciting to meet in real life. He is very strong and can protect you from anything.
  • I would not really say people know me from TV. However, I have been on several programmes mostly as an Extra or supporting cast, but what people really know me for is Tujuane X. I did my part well. In addition, I have been a cast on the Bedsitter chronicles
  •  The useless aspect of my life is that I overthink and jump to conclusions.
  • Everyone got bullied at some point, I believe. My worst experience was in primary school. My face was small and my nose looked bigger and pointed, so kids in my class used to call me Kamzungu. The trolls really got to me.
  • For someone who wants to get my special attention, you have to have good manners and smell nice. I also love people who can cook. I love cooking
  •  My biggest pet peeve is people talking when their mouth is full. Also putting their feet on the table. Who does that in 2021?
  •  Nameless and Wahu are the celebrity couple I would rate as a perfect 10. Their relationship is public yet so private.
  •  The weirdest thing a fan has ever done to me was making me feel very uncomfortable. There was this guy who asked for a photo with me and attempted to touch me inappropriately all on camera, as if we were dating or something.
  • The most ridiculous thing someone tricked me into doing was going round the Mugumo (fig) tree. My grandmother made me believe that if you go round the Mugumo seven times, your gender would change. Ooh! Boy, I made the circles.
  •  There has been so much buzz this week with Trevor Ombija admitting he was dumped after a 10-year relationship. It’s normal, I have been dumped too but I engineered it.
  •  Ideally, true love is one life–altering thing every human experience at least once in their lives.
  • My justifiable beliefs are, give yourself time to heal and grow. Not justified one ‘Karma is a b**h!’ Wewe uliskia wapi? My sister, my brother, learn to fight back or clap back when someone gets on your wrong side.
Courtesy; Saturday Nation

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