You simply cannot envisage the casino floor without the timeless classic, Roulette. The tension and thrills associated with this game of chance, where risk and reward are dished out in equal measure, as well as the social buzz it brings, with revellers crowded around the table to witness the outcome. These days, most casino aficionados can get their Roulette fix online.

While the rules and aims have remained vastly unchanged, when you choose to play online casino games at Paddy Power, you’ll notice a whole hosts of innovative twists, themed games and bonus options. Before you log in, and take a chance on red or black, we’ll give you all you need to know about this classic spin and win game.

Your wheel or mine?

If you’re yet to try your hand at Roulette, you may not even be aware that there are two different variations of the game – both of which have their own wheels and tables. 

European Roulette is the more common, with a lower house edge (2.7%). The wheel for this variation consists of the numbers 1-36, which are red and black, while there’s a single green zero. American Roulette has an additional number, a double green zero. This increases the house edge to 5.26%.

Tu parles Français?

And to throw another variation into the mix, there’s French Roulette too. However, this is played using a European wheel and table. In French Roulette, all your betting options are the same as European Roulette – we’ll come onto those in a moment – but there are two additional rules that are in place, should the ball land on zero, to give the player another chance against the house.

* En prison: meaning ‘in prison’. The player’s wager will be imprisoned for an additional spin. If the player wins, they will receive half their wager.

* La partage: meaning ‘sharing’. Even money wagers will be split – half returned to the player, and half to the house.

Place your bets

Now comes the important part – choosing where you think the ball will land. Betting options are split into two categories: inside bets, and outside bets. The former are usually associated with the position of the number on the table, whereas the latter is more about that number’s properties. Here are the different options you can choose to wager on.

Inside bets

* Straight Up – a single number
* Split – two adjacent numbers on the Roulette table
* Street – three consecutive numbers on the same line
* Corner – four numbers which meet at the same corner 
* Line – two adjacent lines
* Five-Number Bet
* Basket – a bet on the single zero, one, two and three

Outside bets

* Red/Black 
* Odd/Even 
* Low/High – 1-18 or 19-36
* Columns – either the first, second or third column
* Dozens – 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36

Online Roulette has its advantages

Many of the benefits of playing online Roulette can be broadly attributed to playing any online casino game.  Some of the biggest advantages include:

* Choose your stakes – whether you’re spending pennies or pounds, every online Roulette game will have a table minimum. The stakes are generally lower than a land-based casino too.

* Choose your game – compared to the land-based alternative, there are so many variations of Roulette in the online lobby. From the much-loved classic, to themed games, and variations with innovative twists, there’s something for everyone.

* Choose your table, or tables – that’s right, you can play multiple Roulette games simultaneously. This is perfect if you’re looking to find the right variation to suit your needs and budget.