Two Armed Robbers Gunned Down, Four Wounded in Botched Eastleigh Robbery

July 23, 2021

Police officers foiled a robbery at a hardware store in Eastleigh, Nairobi, killing two suspects on the spot.

The two were part of a six-member gang that broke into Jamarat hardware in Eastleigh’s 4th street on Wednesday night before they were busted.

The gang arrived at the hardware aboard a pickup truck to stage their robbery before police responded to a distress call.

“Police got wind of the robbery and in a bid to clear the city off criminal gangs, responded swiftly and gunned down two of the thugs…The timely response by the officers left the criminals scampering on their heels for dear life. The hoodlums who were armed with firearms had in a bid to evade arrest, fired at the fast-approaching officers, with their bullets missing the Corporal leading the onslaught by a whisker,” the DCI said.

The Pangani-based officers returned fire, killing two and injuring the other four who managed to escape.

“The four others who escaped are thanking heavens after getting away miraculously, but with their bodies riddled by gunshot wounds. The wounds will serve as a stark reminder of their failed heist at the hands of the Pangani-based crime busters,” said the DCI.

The officers also recovered a pistol with three rounds of 9mm caliber, claw bars, and other crude weapons.

“Two water tanks that the thugs had managed to steal from the hardware and were ready for loading on their getaway truck were also recovered,” the polie said.

Adding: “Detectives are pursuing the four who escaped while putting other criminals on notice, that the fight against crime will only get intense.”

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