Ringtone Vs Alai Assault Case Hits a Snag

July 30, 2021

The second round of the Ringtone versus Alai duel was anti-climatic after the pair’s case failed to take off.

The controversial musician and the equally controversial blogger came to blows in a fit of road rage last Friday, with Ringtone coming off worst.

The singer then dragged Alai to court, accusing him of assault and malicious damage to his prized Range Rover.

On Thursday, Ringtone, a renowned clout-chaser, caused drama at the Kibera law courts when he attended the plea taking of Robert Alai. He arrived in court in an ambulance accompanied by medics.

He was also dressed in what seemed like a hospital gown, with parts of his body including his face and hands heavily bandaged.

During the court session, Ringtone was further reduced to tears after the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions recalled the file for further perusal.

The matter was adjourned, with Ringtone urging the DPP and Inspector General of Police to act swiftly. He argued that he was unwell and needed further treatment in South Africa.

A day before the dramatic court appearance, Ringtone claimed that the attack from Robert Alai set him back a cool Sh500,000 in treatment and damages.

He also denied faking the incident for publicity.

“I am still in pain. I have been experiencing severe headaches, my jaw hurts, my arms hurt, and I’m constantly dizzy,” he lamented.

“There is no way I could have faked the blood dripping from my face. The injuries I sustained when Alai hitting me are real, and the 500k worth of damages made to my property is also very real.”

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