Rapper Frasha Allegedly Assaults Musician Over Unprotected Sex

July 15, 2021

An upcoming musician has leveled damning allegations against rapper Francis Amisi, also known as Frasha, accusing the P-Unit rap group member of assault.

Phieso Mwihaki better known by her stage name Phieso Afficial took to social media Wednesday to expose Frasha, saying they have been having an illicit affair.

According to Phieso, she was “cool” with Frasha until he laid his hands on her for refusing to have unprotected sex with him.

“It’s time for this old mala**… “45 years b**ch @ss man to be called off…yani iki kimtu kimenipiga leo cz of asking him to use condom protection cz I don’t f**k raw,” wrote the 27-year-old songbird.

In another post, Phieso alleged that Frasha beat her like a dog.

“Frasha is f**c**ng @sshole. He beat me like a dog few minutes ago. Yani mpaka ukakunywa pombe nimenunua na ukanikuta war….yanii yaniii men are trash…that’s why I am the way I am…,” she wrote.

“I was super cool with Frasha and I didn’t know it will reach a point where I would have to expose him, but you can never lay your hands on me. He knows where I live because he’s been there so if anything happens to me know it’s him,” she added.

The ‘Wikidest love’ hitmaker went on to share “receipts” of her Whatsapp chats with Frasha in which he asked for nude videos.

“Last year Frasha was obsessed with me. Yani he got mad when I was associated with anyone. Waaah he was so insecure while married, old n has kids,” she continued.

Phieso noted that she is not exposing the rapper for clout, writing: “This is not clout, it’s very real. I don’t need followers or sh!t!!! But it’s what I experienced from so called celeb.”

At the time of writing, Frasha was yet to respond to the allegations while Phieso deactivated her account.

The receipts are however out. Check them out below.


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