Unbelievable Kitui Story of a Snake that Fell from the Sky and Bit a Man

June 4, 2021

In what sounds like an episode from ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not!’, a snake fell from the sky and bit a man in Kitui.

David Musyoka, a driver attached to the Kitui county government, was driving along Mui Road towards Mwingi town on Monday evening when a snake freed itself from an eagle and landed on top of his car.

“I heard something fall on the roof of my car and when I peeped, I saw a snake making its way into the car,” Musyoka told reporters.

Before he could stop the car and run for his life, the reptile had already taken a seat on the passenger side. It proceeded to bite his left hand, between his thumb and index finger.

With the snake still lodged in his hand, Musyoka stopped the car, jumped out, and called for help.

Residents of Kwa Mbugu market rushed to his rescue, killed the snake, and administered First Aid before rushing him to Mwingi Level VI Hospital for medical attention.

In yet another unbelievable turn of events, the eagle emerged and reclaimed its dinner, whisking the snake away before the locals could burn it.

“I then stopped the car and people came to help me kill the snake. But before we could decide what to do with it, the eagle came again, tore through the crowd, picked the snake, and flew away,” Musyoka narrated from his hospital bed.

“By the time the eagle was coming back, I was dizzy and could see double images.”

At Mwingi Level IV Hospital, medics said the snake bite was treated and the patient was recuperating well.

Some locals associated the bizarre incident with witchcraft, especially since it occurred in a region that is known for black magic.

Musyoka is, however, happy to be doing well.

“That was an unusual experience, and many people say it could be witchcraft, although for me what matters is that I’m in a stable health condition,” said Musyoka.

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