Some People Claimed I Killed Benjamin Ayimba, says Gloria Moraa

June 23, 2021

Former Tahidi High actress Gloria Moraa has opened up about her relationship with the deceased rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba, revealing the difficult moment she endured following his death.

In a recent interview, Moraa said she met Ayimba weeks after she divorced her first husband of seven years.

They fell in love and went on to live together for eight years before they separated in 2018. They were also blessed with two children.

“I met Ayimba when I’d just gone through a divorce. He made advances and I initially refused. I thought I was his second wife but it turned out I was wife number three. He has about ten children. Our love was okay but we had several challenges and after eight years, around 2018, we went separate ways,” Moraa said.

The actress would thereafter sue Ayimba for child support, setting her on a bitter fallout with Ayimba’s family.

In the emotionally charged interview, Moraa narrated how she had been barred from attending the funeral of the veteran coach.

“There were 30 policemen at the compound (during the burial). They asked me what I was doing there. I said I had brought my kids to say bye to their dad. You know my kids had kept on asking me if we will be going to church to see daddy.

“After push and shove at the gate, the cops allowed us in. I went to the tent, I was too weak at the time because it was an emotional event. I couldn’t even mourn him. Some people were saying I was the one who killed him. The police were told I was coming to cause chaos, yet there was no money to fight for,” she said.

The mother of four regretted that Ayimba’s family did not support her.

“I have been to that place (Ayimba’s home) three times before (the burial). His mom and dad did not say anything (yet they saw what I went through). I have lived with these people for a long time and even lived with one of Ayimba’s kids for eight years yet they didn’t defend me,” she said.

Moraa said even though she was allowed to attend the burial, she was still barred from the graveside.

“I was barred from the graveside during the burial. We wanted to take photos at the grave after he’d been laid to rest but my kids were initially barred. Ayimba’s sister called my kids Chokoras (street children) and ‘mistakes’. She abused me so much. But I have forgiven her.”

On a lighter note, Moraa said she is ready to find love again.

“I will date again. “It is someone’s loss to lose me. I have four kids. I am not ready to get more kids but you never know. I may prefer a man who already has kids and we can try out something. God gave me love. I want to share it.”

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