Samidoh: I Didn’t Survive Al-Shabaab to be Brought Down by Keyboard Warriors

June 22, 2021

The singer Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh says he is in a much better place now, four months after his highly publicized love affair with Karen Nyamu.

The musician admitted that the scandal caused him great agony as he faced backlash from Kenyans, describing it as “baptism by fire”.

“My celebrity status was turning into a consuming fire against me. My heart sank. But I drew a lot of solace in knowing that my relationship with God was still strong, and had he not commanded me to remain still?” he observed.

Samidoh, who doubles up an Administration Police Constable, said the discipline from his training came in handy during the trying time.

“There is no way I could survive Al-Shabaab bullets while serving in some of the volatile parts of north-eastern counties only to come and be brought down by keyboard warriors who were armed with nothing more than mere toxic words,” the singer resolved.

When asked how his wife of 11 years Eddah and the children were coping with the Karen Nyamu fiasco, Samidoh retorted, “Cia mucii ti como” (domestic affairs are not for public consumption).

And when asked why he issued a public apology to Eddah, Samidoh said: “Kanua njohini” (engage your mouth in better things like taking alcohol).

The singer, however, admitted that the scandal rocked his life more than he was affected by reduced earnings from his music in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic has hit us hard. Chancing on a show is a near miracle nowadays…We are in real trouble. But this issue of my public prominence for all the bad reasons appeared destined to ransack my life and leave it completely bared,” he told Nation.Africa.

Samidoh said the fiasco brought him closer to God and put him on a journey of self-discovery.

He said the same God who brought him out of his difficult upbringing to work for the National Police Service did not desert him in the Karen Nyamu saga.

“Today I can tell you for sure that my God liveth. The issue is now behind me and we are all coping alright…But I have a word of caution for the social media battalions…we are all human with our own flaws…let us not be quick to compete driving our fellow human beings over the emotional cliff,” he said.

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