Nairobi Police Boss Blames Kenyans Over Spate of City Muggings

June 23, 2021

Security officers in Nairobi have reiterated that victims of muggings are to blame for the spate of brazen muggings in the capital city.

On Monday, just hours after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations urged victims of city muggings to report to the police instead of lamenting on social media, KBC presenter Shiksha Arora fell victim to a daring robbery while in traffic at Globe roundabout.

Narrating her “traumatizing” ordeal on Twitter, the news anchor said the mugging happened at around 5 pm while she was headed to Serena Hotel for a re-launch event for KBC.

She said a man bent her side mirror backward and walked away. Before she could realise that this was a decoy to distract her, another man started knocking on the passenger window of the front seat as she was trying to re-adjust her side mirror.

“As I was looking to my left, the third guy slid his hand in through my window and unlocked my car, got into the back seat, grabbed my purse and asked for my phone, at this point in time I was in panic mode, couldn’t say anything.

“He asked for it again and reached for my neck, strangling me.

“As he was strangling my neck, I desperately gasped for air, I started hooting loudly to get some attention hoping somebody would help me. People started getting out of their cars and that’s when he let go and fled. He went with my purse, but I am TRAUMATIZED that he attacked me,” she recounted.

She added: “These thugs work in teams in broad daylight during peak traffic, don’t roll down your window no matter what when on globe roundabout. I got lucky, he didn’t manage to hurt me much, despite strangling my neck and getting away with my purse. I am okay but traumatized.”

It was not immediately clear if Arora filed a complaint with the police.

Responding to Shiksha Arora’s mugging, Nairobi police boss Augustine Nthumbi said no incidents have been reported recently.

“As far as I know no incidents have been reported yet, but I blame members of the public because most of the time you find that these crimes happen but after the ordeal victims just go home and never makes a police report. It is necessary for the public to make a police report so that we can be able to act,” said the police boss.

Nthumbi further said the anti-mugging squad which was formed recently to contain the vice is still in operation.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai has said security will be enhanced in the city centre.

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