Femi One Clarifies ‘Beef’ with Azziad Nasenya

June 8, 2021

Femi One says TikTok star Azziad Nasenya did not make her song ‘Utawezana’ go viral contrary to popular belief.

Speaking on Radio Jambo, Femi One said the song was already a big hit before Azziad did its dance challenge. The Kaka Empire signed femcee said netizens bashed her for failing to pay and thank Azziad for making ‘Utawezana’ go viral.

Femi One clarified that she reached out to the TikTok sensation and thanked her for participating in the ‘Utawezana’ dance challenge.

“To be honest, I started that challenge and anyone who participated in it, whether on the first or last day, is very important to me. They helped build the song and the fans were free to choose who they liked the most, and they chose Azziad,” she said.

“To say she is the one who made the song big is a lie as she did her challenge the fourth day after the song was already a hit.”

According to Femi One, Azziad could have remedied the backlash against her but she did not.

“She (Azziad) knew I had reached out to her and she had the power to shut critics, but she did not. I ended up looking like the bad guy.”

Femi One added that the alleged beef and backlash undermined her hard work.

“The song had been famous even before she did the challenge, but I admit she did well as her video went viral,” she said.

“I started the challenge and it was up to fans to decide who was their favourite. People felt like I did not deserve that success. They felt like Mejja deserved the success while I was not. They judged me wrongly as a woman as they felt I had been ‘helped’.”

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