Christina Shusho on Divorce Rumours, “I am not a perfect woman”

June 8, 2021

Tanzanian gospel musician Christina Shusho has addressed rumours that she is divorced.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, the singer refused to confirm or deny the claims saying the rumours should remain as they are.

“I have heard a lot of rumours about me, there was a time it was said I was dead. There were also claims my bedroom photos had leaked, as well as people saying I am a mother of three,” she said.

Adding: “Let the rumours about me splitting with my husband be just that.”

Shusho said she does not advocate or advise anyone to consider divorce. She, however, noted that women should not stay in a toxic and painful relationship and that they are free to walk out if they can’t handle it.

“I do not want to advise people to leave each other but there are circumstances when it gets too ugly and you cannot continue. You are not supposed to live in pain. If you can tolerate pain then keep at it, but if you cannot, then let it end.”

Shusho also mentioned it is not easy leading a private life as a celebrity.

“I am not a perfect woman and sometimes I do not do all I am supposed to do, but I try my best.”

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