Diamond Responds To BET Awards Disqualification Petition

June 16, 2021

Diamond Platnumz has responded after a section of activists launched a petition calling for his disqualification from the BET Awards Nominee list.

Speaking on Tuesday, the Bongo Flava star said everyone is entitled to their opinion and he respects that. He told Wasafi TV that he would never hate anyone for speaking their minds.

“Mimi naheshimu mawazo ya kila mtu, mtu akinifurahia, akinitukana akinisema mimi nashukuru…ina maana mtu kakumbuka na mtu akikumbuka ni baraka ya Mwenyezi Mungu.

(I respect everyone’s opinions, if someone likes me, insults me, I’m grateful because it means they have me in their thoughts and that’s a blessing)

The WCB CEO further said those who instigated the petition against him probably did it out of frustration with their personal lives. He said it is not up to him to judge them because they might decide to apologize for it.

Sio kwamba mtu anakusema kwa ubaya leo anakuchukia, pengine kaamka na moods zake zimemtuma hivyo. Epuka sana kumchukia mtu anayezungumza kitu kibaya juu yako, huwezi kujua kaamka kavurugwa hasira zake na kaamua kukumalizia wewe, kesho mwenyewe akikaa atajuta na kukuomba msamaha.”

(When someone says something bad about you, it’s not that they hate you. They probably woke up in a bad mood. Do not hate someone who says something bad about you, you never know when he wakes up with a temper tantrum and decides to end it on you, tomorrow he/she might regret it and apologize),” Diamond said.

In launching the petition earlier this month, activists cited Diamond’s involvement in politics saying he ‘actively and publicly supported deceased Magufuli’s oppressive regime’.

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