Chiki Kuruka on Open Marriage Claims: People Should Mind their Business

June 14, 2021

Dancer extraordinaire Chiki Kuruka has responded to claims that she is in an open marriage with Bien Aime Baraza.

This follows remarks they made during a recent episode of Sauti Sol’s docu-reality series ‘Sol Family’, during which Bien said they were free to lust over other celebrities.

“Me and Chiki have this thing where if I ever meet my celebrity crush somewhere and I am in a situation where my celebrity crush wants to ‘engage in coitus’ with me, then so be it and vice versa.

“I don’t have a problem with it if that is what she wants, she should get it. You can’t stop a human being from doing that. But also I can’t catch feelings, I’m after her happiness,” said Bien.

But according to Chiki Kuruka, Bien’s sentiments were taken out of context and blown out of proportion. She explained that they were just sharing a light moment during the show.

“Bien and I were cracking jokes on Sol Family, and that’s how a comment was interpreted. However, we both deeply agree with honesty and communication, even if that includes lusting over celebs,” she said.

Adding: “How it got so big is what’s funny to me.”

When asked about her take on open relationships, Chiki stressed that they like to keep their interactions private and she wants it to remain that way.

“Open communication? Yes. But I also don’t believe our relationship is available for public involvement or entertainment. We (Bien and I) have always kept a lot of our interactions private, including our wedding. Allowing the public into your private life is unhealthy after a certain point,” she stated.

Adding: “People should mind their business.”

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