Abductors of Hafsa Mohamed Lukman Drained Her Accounts and Bought A Bar in Kinangop

June 28, 2021

Detectives on Sunday arrested the alleged masterminds of the kidnapping and torture of Kamukunji-based businesswoman Hafsa Mohamed Luqman.

Undercover sleuths from the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau and their Special Service Unit counterparts nabbed Jackson Njogu, 24, and Hafsa Abdi, 21, as they slept at Crystal View Lodge in Kinangop, Nyandarua County on Sunday morning.

After they abducted Hafsa Mohammed Lukman on Tuesday, June 15, the lovers also drained her bank accounts to the tune of Sh650,000.

They fled to Kinangop and splashed the loot on a bar which they were operating for a little over a week.

The  DCI noted that: “The two kidnappers had demanded a ransom of Sh5 million in order to set Hafsa free. However, when the ransom wasn’t delivered, they opted to flee from our detectives who were closing in on them.

“This morning was not their lucky day though. They were smoked out of room number 8 at Crystal View Lodge where they had imagined that our hawk-eyed detectives would never find them.”

According to area locals, the undercover cops carried out their mission so swiftly leaving some of them stunned.

“It appears the police were aware of what they wanted and how to get it. I was in the hotel the previous night. I noticed two unfamiliar faces which I dismissed as traders, but those must have been the detectives. They seemed calm, unbothered by anything or anyone, politely asking for their drinks which they barely touched,” said Antony Karanja, a regular customer at the lodge.

Magumu chief John Karoki said he was not even aware of the raid and the arrests.

“We are shocked. I have heard of no commotion or drama…the detectives must have done their homework,” he said.

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