Nameless, Wahu Docu-reality Series ‘This Love’ Premieres

May 25, 2021

The highly anticipated docu-reality series revolving around the lives of celebrity couple Wahu and Nameless premiere exclusively on Showmax Monday night.

The 13-part docu-reality series will highlight the duo’s timeless love, lives, and history, as well as the lessons they have picked up along the way. ‘This Love’ will also follow Nameless and Wahu as they work on their first-ever joint album.

“As we strive to do this joint album, we also want to share the story behind the music. We want to give insights on what inspires us, what drives us, our thought process, personalities, our shared and different perspectives and our different temperaments,” the couple said.

‘This Love’ creator Eugene Mbugua said the docuseries will delve into what’s happening in Nameless and Wahu’s lives in the present, while also taking viewers back to those moments that led them to where they are today.

“Their story is also closely intertwined with that of the Kenyan music industry, and so the audience will get a window into some nuggets they did not know about their favourite stars both present and past.”

Showmax East and Southern channel director Timothy Okwaro lauded the couple for being pioneers in the music industry in Kenya and for staying relevant for more than 20 years.

“It’s admirable how they (Nameless and Wahu) have managed to reinvent themselves and stay relevant even with the changing genres of the music industry in Kenya. We are happy to see them open up their lives to us for the first time, and most importantly, to have that happen on our platform,” Okwaro said.

New episodes will be released weekly.


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