Maraga Advises CJ Martha Koome

May 25, 2021

Former Chief Justice David Maraga spared some words of advice for his successor Martha Koome as she formally assumed office on Monday at the Supreme Court grounds in Nairobi.

Maraga reminded Koome she was taking up an ‘extremely demanding office’ and she should tackle it with grace.

He advised CJ Koome to use the support she has from various stakeholders to deliver on her duties.

“The Deputy Chief Justice and other judges have pledged to support you. The counsel has pledged to support you. There is really no worry whatsoever, you will be able to deliver. all you need to do is to cooperate with them,”  said Maraga.

The former CJ further challenged Koome to stick to her guns and remind other officials to respect the rule of law.

“Madam Chief Justice, please keep reminding all of us that Constitutional power is constrained power so that everybody keeps to his or her lane,” he said, adding: “we will have a wonderful country”.

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