All The Funny Reactions After Embarambamba’s Raunchy Dance Video Went Viral

May 26, 2021

Kisii-based Gospel artist Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma, alias Embarambamba, is once again the talk of the town on social media after he was filmed performing in a club.

In videos that have been spreading like wildfire since Monday night, the singer is seen dancing suggestively with some of his fans. In one clip, Embarambamba was filmed simulating a sexual act with a woman on stage.

No sooner had the videos emerged online than social media users reacted wildly, with a majority condemning the supposed gospel singer for engaging in worldly pleasures.

Among those who castigated Embarambamba was Film Classification Board (KFCB) chair Ezekiel Mutua, otherwise known as ‘Deputy Jesus’ among social media users.

“Embarambamba. . . That’s gross. You have crossed the line!” tweeted Mutua.

The backlash forced Embarambamba to issue a statement defending his raunchy performance.

He explained that the context of the performance mirrors the message of the song, which warns against sexual immorality.

“Jesus came into this world for the sake of sinners…when Jesus was in this world, He sat with the sinners. The reason was that the sinners would be born again and know God,” he said.

Adding: “You cannot say that Embarambamba should not attend political events or clubs because they are earthly things. God brought us into this world.”

On Tuesday, Embarambamba was still trending on Twitter as Kenyans sent over 20k tweets.

We have compiled some of the funnier reactions below.

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