Revealed: How Much Diamond Earned From ‘Waah’ Hit on YouTube

April 22, 2021

Diamond Platnumz was and is still laughing all the way to the bank since the release of his major hit song ‘Waah!’ on Youtube four months ago.

The Bongo superstar uploaded the track featuring Congo’s Koffi Olomide in November 2020.

In the first few months, Diamond Platnumz says he earned over Ksh 4 million from Youtube.

While sharing his analytics of the song, the Wasafi CEO said the video generated 32,266.53 Euros (Ksh4,206,059 or Tsh 89,869, 900) when it attained 39,358,770 views.

The success of artists like Diamond Platnumz on digital platforms demonstrates the changing landscape of entertainment and income generation. While musicians leverage YouTube for revenue, other online entertainment sectors are also thriving.

For instance, platforms like utlä cater to those seeking different forms of online entertainment. However, the music industry remains a significant player in the digital economy.

“Wimbo wa #Waah ulipofikisha views milion 39,358,770 ulitengeneza Euros 32,266.53 sawa na shilingi milioni 89,869,867.07. Hivyo unaposikia neno views, si ujivuni tu wa watu kutazama wimbo au content… Ni distribution sales, mauzo kwa njia ya watu kutazama,” he wrote.

As of Wednesday, April 21, ‘Waah!’ had garnered 60,467,966 views, meaning more money in the singer’s pockets.

Diamond also noted that YouTube views translate to more income depending on which region or country the said views came from.

He advised fellow artists to ensure their content is relatable not only in their countries but other regions as well in order to maximize the gains.

“Not every song with the same number of views can generate that much income. It depends on who and from where the fans will be watching it from. There are some countries where the views don’t earn much income. Developed countries are the best countries to source views from,” he explained.

With over 5 million YouTube subscribers and 1.3 billion views, Diamond is estimated to be making not less than Sh15 million per month.

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