Jackline Mwende Pleads For Help, Says Most Well-wishers Made Empty Promises

April 14, 2021

Jackline Mwende, the renowned domestic abuse survivor from Machakos County, has appealed for financial help saying her life had become miserable despite promises from several leaders and well-wishers.

Mwende, whose hands were chopped off by her ex-husband in 2016, currently lives with her parents and a four-year-old son, Gift Safari, in Kathama village, Machakos county.

Speaking to the Star newspaper, Ms Mwende opened up about her silent physical suffering, the shame of living off her parents and the inability to take care of her only son.

“I  live on painkillers, which I keep underneath my mattress.  I often suffer headaches and pain in my arms, so I cannot do without painkillers. I don’t have money to buy the drugs that I need and can barely afford these painkillers,” she said.

Mwende told the publication that she feels like a burden to her parents since she can no longer do anything for herself.

She also explained why she stopped using prosthetic limbs, which were acquired at a cost of Ksh10 million.

“When I came from Kikuyu Hospital, I was taken to South Korea where artificial arms were fixed on me. But, they caused problems. They no longer function. I feel pain in the arms, but there is nothing I can do,” she said.

She said the prosthetic limbs became dysfunctional after three years despite doctors assuring her that they would last for 10 years.

“When I had my hands, I used to do everything for myself. Now I have to rely on my mother to fend for me, literally feed me, wash and dress me. I am back to being like a child,” she said.

Mwende blames herself for the high blood pressure that her parents have since developed.

“I pity myself. I am a burden on my parents. This thing has affected my parents, they are equally traumatised. My child has attained the age of going to school but he is at home since there is no money.”

Mwende went on to reveal that only a handful of wellwishers that offered to support her have kept their word, including Mothers2Mothers, an African-based NGO.

“Mothers2Mothers constructed for me this house, I thank them. Others gave empty promises. Some said they would take me to school.

“So many people made promises to help in public, only a few kept their word. My suffering continues as I struggle to adapt to a new life without hands,” she said.

Mwende also disclosed that the shop she was running in Masii town collapsed after it was broken into and stock stolen in January.

“I am calling on well-wishers, all those touched by my story to help me. I need to get to a clinic, see a doctor and buy drugs. I have lots of problems. I need money to educate my son so that he goes to school like other children, alongside some capital for business to offload the burden from my parents,” she said.

Additional Reporting by the Star

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