Instagram vs YouTube: Which is Best for Business Promotions?

April 23, 2021

In times like these when the whole world can be accessed at the click, marking your presence becomes immensely important. Instagram and YouTube are two of the most effective social media platforms that helps you influence the potential buyers to buy your products and services.

These two platforms have become more than just video-streaming and photo-sharing apps in the last few years. They serve the purpose of creating and expanding influencer marketing and advertising, the two most vital activities in any business promotion.

Nonetheless, people still wonder which one to pick to boost their business. This article might guide in your quest- Instagram vs YouTube: Which is best for business promotion? 


Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing app with over 1 billion monthly active users.

This social media service allows a user to connect with the world by following and exploring friends, family, celebrities and business accounts.

Instagram ranks third on the list of most popular social media platforms. 

What makes Instagram so apt for business promotions?

* Instagram seems to have an upper hand on any other platform in terms of availability. It is way easier and simpler to access content on Instagram than on YouTube.* 
* Instagram offers hashtag feature that, when used mindfully, can earn you the presence your business needs. 
* The number of users on Instagram are growing steadily. More the audience, more the potential buyers.
* Brands are spending over $1 billion on influencer marketing and business promotions on Instagram.
* Instagram guarantees a high engagement rate. 
* 79% of marketers believe Instagram to be important for their business promotion and campaigns. 


YouTube is a video-sharing service that allows a user to watch and upload videos with over 2 billion monthly active users. It is highly optimized for mobile devices and makes it very easy to access the video content on the go.

YouTube ranks second in the line after Google in the biggest search engine list. 

What makes YouTube so apt for business promotions?

* YouTube guarantees more brand visibility than any other platform. 
* It has better analytics tools than Instagram to give you live insights on your performance. 
* YouTube is reliable in terms of engagement. On an average, active users on YouTube spend over 250 million hours a day streaming videos. If you succeed in attracting an audience on Youtube, * * YouTube will secure your engagement with its “Subscribe” feature. 
* YouTubers dominate the video-streaming world even more than celebrities. 
* YouTube pays around $125k per post if you manage to earn 1-3 million followers which means that not only it promotes your business but pays you for the content. 
* Nearly 46% marketers believe YouTube to be essential for business promotions and campaigns.  

Factors to consider before choosing your pick

It is important for you as a business owner or influencer to consider certain factors before choosing a marketing platform. Ask yourself if you want to influence people through snippets, photos, etc, or if you want to promote your brand or small business, or if you are more inclined towards making longer, descriptive how-to videos or lectures?  Consider these points:


Once you get your objective straight, move on to identify your target audience. Select your platform based on where you will find your target audience.

Your campaign and marketing strategy must be relevant to the dynamics and audience of the platform. 


Once you have identified your audience, go on to expand your reach so that your products and services are visible to potential buyers. Employ marketing strategies, plan campaigns and advertise your business to maximize your reach. 


If your audience cannot resonate with your ideas or products, you might need a new strategy. Engagement is the key to excellent business promotions. It is measured in likes and comments you get on your posts. And resonance is a way to achieve engagement. 

Instagram vs YouTube- Which one to choose?

Once you are over the identifying phase, you will need to choose a social media service. Among the two marketing sharks, to make a choice that justifies your product can be tough.

Here is some more information about the two platforms so that you make a well-informed choice. 

More on Instagram Marketing

* If you are a small business, you will probably look for affordable ways to enhance engagement on Youtube. Instagram provides more affordable partnership opportunities with influencers than YouTube.
 * The biggest perk of Instagram is that it allows a variety of content formats like pictures, reels, long videos and stories, features that YouTube sorely lacks. It allows creative campaigns to bloom.
* If your business or product is related to niches like travel, beauty, lifestyle, food and fitness, Instagram is the platform for you. It’s very convenient to have organic Instagram growth, so business owners find this platform suitable to run any kind of business.
* Intelligent use of hashtags makes a huge impact on algorithms and promotions.

More on YouTube Marketing

* YouTube, being the second most popular search engine, helps improve sales and traffic on your website.
* YouTube provides thorough analysis of performance and engagement rate to your videos so you can always plan better.
* Videos on YouTube have longer lifespan than on Instagram.
* If your content is related to niches like food, entertainment, fashion, gaming, etc. YouTube is the platform for you.


Instagram and YouTube are marketing maestros for business promotions. While both have their merits, both have some demerits as well.

The marketing strategies and campaigns differ for both the platforms and invariably support different niches and products.

Find your objective and the platforms will back you up. 

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