Harmonize’s Ex-Wife Sarah Suing For Equal Share Of Wealth

March 3, 2021

The ex-wife of Tanzanian musician Harmonize says she is in the final stages of her divorce from the celebrity singer.

Sarah Michelotti says the divorce proceedings which started in December last year will be finalised soon.

Speaking in an interview with Millard Ayo, the Italian cited desertion and disrespect as some of the reasons for leaving Harmonize.

“I decided to leave because Harmonize changed a lot last year starting in March. He used to leave me alone at home and at night he sleeps outside without telling me. He started to disrespect me, and the situation became bad. So I went back to Italy in July 2020 during Corona. I stayed in Italy for two months but he never asked me to come back,” Sarah narrated.

Then in October, Sarah said she got wind of reports that Harmonize was dating his current girlfriend, actress Frida Kajala.

“I heard he was dating Kajala since October 2020 and in November when I came back I asked him and he told me, ‘she is my sister, I can’t date her, she is old and she is just a friend’.

“So I went back to Italy because he was not serious with me…The day he posted the baby we had already separated…because before that we had fought and I went back to Italy for three months and that’s when he started dating Mama Zuuh. When I came back he told me that ‘baby I have a woman who is pregnant but am not sure if the baby is mine’.

“I told him when the baby is born we will do a DNA test. After we did the DNA Test, it came out that Harmonize is not the father of the Baby but I was surprised to see him post the baby claiming to be the father,” explained Ms Michelotti.

Sarah revealed that one of her demands in the divorce is an equal share of the wealth they created together in their two year marriage.

“My divorce process started in December. I’m not divorced yet but I hope I will be divorced soon. I don’t have any communication with Harmonize but my lawyer is doing everything because we need to divide all our staff we got as Wife and Husband.

“Even if he apologizes we can’t get back together. We blocked each other everywhere we don’t talk, last communication was in December.

“He(Harmonize) was always a liar, about Kajala and many other issues… I am just disappointed about his behaviors… I have done a lot for him, I left my country, family to be in Tanzania with him that. I’m just shocked about what is going on but hongera to the new couple in Town,” she said.

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