Eric Omondi Tells Parents, “I’m Not Your Child’s Role Model”

March 24, 2021

Top comedian in Kenya, Eric Omondi, says it is not his duty to serve as a role model to the country’s young children.

This follows recent backlash from the public and a brush with the law and morality enforcer — Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua — over alleged “dirty” content on the ‘Wife Material’ reality show.

Eric Omondi is now asking parents to take the responsibility of parenting their own children.

“Why would I be your child’s role model? I don’t even have a CV. How do you leave your child to me?” he posed in an interview with Amina Abdi.

“Parents, please love me, laugh at my jokes, but do not leave your children for me to model and to parent.”

The former Churchill Show comedian said ‘Wife Material 2’ will be returning soon.

“It is coming back bigger and better. It was to resume over the weekend but Tanzanians are mourning,” he said.

Adding: “It is not easy to find a wife.”

Omondi also promised to clean up his content as agreed with KFCB.

“We are all in agreement that it doesn’t have to be dirty to sell. We will be avoiding obscenity,” he said.

Omondi also took to social media Tuesday to clarify that ‘Wife Material’ is not a family show.

“By now I assume that everybody understands that #WifeMaterial is clearly not a family show. We have all understood the show by now. As we prepare to bring back #WifeMaterial2 it is important to clearly state that this show is RATED. Please prepare and take note accordingly????????,” he wrote.


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