Student Dies, 5 Others Go Blind After Consuming Hand Sanitizer

February 22, 2021

A teenage high schooler died and five others went blind after consuming hand sanitizer in Turkana.

The students of Kaputir Mixed Secondary School in Turkana South are aged between 16 and 17. They reportedly consumed the sanitizer on Saturday, February 20 in an attempt to get drunk.

The five who survived the incident, albeit visually impaired, told K24 that they regretted taking the alcohol-based liquid meant for killing viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms.

One of the learners, with hopes of becoming a doctor, noted it was unfortunate that his dream could be shattered by “my stupidity”.

Another student said he was lucky to be alive because his drink wasn’t too concentrated.

“I drank from a cup which had a mixture of the hand sanitizer and water. I am, however, feeling pain in the throat and stomach,” he said.

The body of the deceased student was moved to a Turkana hospital morgue as parents demanded clarity about the incident. They accused the school management of negligence.

“We are demanding the principal resigns, and the board of governors sent packing over the negligence, ” a parent said.

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