“Prophetess” Claims Jesus Was Born In Mombasa, Crucified At Fort Jesus

February 22, 2021

Jesus Christ was apparently born in Shanzu, Mombasa and not Bethlehem in Israel, a Nakuru woman claiming to be a “prophet” has said.

34-year-old Prophet Pauline Kitur told the Nairobian that corrupt people “took” away Jesus’ original birthplace from Mombasa centuries ago and placed it in Israel to popularise their country.

According to the prophetess, God told her how Kenya was deprived of its “would-be” famous place of worship.

“When Nazareth was taken to Israel by selfish people, immorality and all forms of evil replaced it,” she said, adding that God appeared to her towards the end of last year.

Pauline said God also appeared to her in 2010 through a lantern lamp. She said she was praying with a group of people in Shanzu when the creator appeared through the door and knelt before the faithful. The mysterious appearance, she recalls, blew up the lantern lamp.

“All of us saw Him. He knelt down and mumbled a prayer. He told the congregation to continue praying and to be righteous,” she told The Nairobian.

“God told me every time I pray and see the lantern’s three flames, I should know it is him, Joseph, and Mary in the house.”

She reportedly noted that the three came to her in 2009 and revealed that the Church had violated the intentions of God’s teachings by creating “holy” priests. She said God told her that they had fallen short of being holy.

“God told me that some priests prohibited from marrying are the ones who mostly engage in sinful activities, which go against what they preach. This has angered God,” she said.

The prophet, a Catholic faithful who was born in Turbo, Uasin Gishu, said she will never relent until she delivers the message to all Kenyans.

She also claimed that God showed her Fort Jesus and told her: “This is the place where I was crucified, not Israel. This is the exact point I stood with Judas Iscariot.”

Pauline also mentioned she was on a mission to help Christians unearth the truth on why some Books were removed from the Bible.

“Some books are missing in the Bible, which is the reason behind the inconsistencies in some of the scriptures but God will not rest until those books are reprinted since the message contained in them is very crucial,” said the mother of three.

“I live at Kaptembwa Nakuru at the moment where I continue to serve God through prophecies. I depend on well-wishers and my biggest wish is to get the platform of reaching a mass population because the message I have is crucial,” she said.

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