Safe Way to Inject Anabolic Steroids

February 12, 2021

For safe use of the anabolic injection, it has to be infused into a muscle; never try administering it on a vein. The biggest muscles such as the buttock, hip, and thigh are the ideal areas and the safest spots for anabolic steroid injections.

Always bear in mind to spin the injection spots to prevent tissue break in one site. If there is a strong lump in the muscle, utilize another injection site. Steroids work all through the body and not on the spot where they were injected hence it is needless to focus on particular muscles for the injection. Buy steroids online to get top quality and safe delivery. 

Best areas to inject

The Hip (Ventrogluteal) 

This is one of the safest muscles where one can inject anabolic steroids since there are no main nerves or blood vessels in the spot. It can be risky to trace the area on one’s body; hence having a healthcare provider or a friend administer or locate this area for the first periods will help. Visit here to learn more about the hip area and injecting anabolic steroids.

Position the palm of the differing hand on the end of the thigh bone and the index finger on the bony area, in front of the pelvis. Later that, stretch the middle finger out via the top of the hip bone; the injection area is in the “V” the finger forms. 

The Butt 

The butt is another big muscle that is perfect for injection. Separate the buttock into four parts, and then have the injection done at the upper outer block in either the left or right buttock. 

The Thigh 

If the injection has to be done on the thigh, it has to be done at the vastus lateralis, which is the middle exterior muscle of any of the thighs. This is not the perfect spot for injection because it has a smaller muscle which will make the injection more painful and may cause harm to the body.

Steps for safer injecting

* A new swab of alcohol should be used to clean the injection spot; it should be rubbed on the area for at least 30 seconds.

* The next thing to do will be to take out the plastic cap from the needle; ensure to rub the site with alcohol properly for at least 30 seconds. Try not to touch anything before administering the injection.

* Hold the needle like a nip and gently widen the skin of the injection site with the other hand. 

* Insert just ¾ of the needle quickly for easy removal in case the needle breaks.

* Take out the plunger for a bit and if blood flows into the syringe, take it out and remove the needle fast. Then apply pressure to the spot using a cotton ball; throw the needle* * in a biohazard container and then commence injecting in a different spot.

* If there is no blood flow into the syringe, continue to push the plunger gently to reduce any tissue damage effect. 

* Quickly remove the needle after the injection and put a lot of pressure using a cotton ball on the spot for at least a minute.

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