Rose Muhando Defends Sh50K Charge, “God Asked Me To Build A Church”

February 12, 2021

Gospel musician Rose Muhando has addressed critics who continue to baulk at the entry fee for her forthcoming album launch.

The celebrated Tanzania singer is set to launch her project on February 27 at Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi. Attendees of the album launch will have to part with Sh50,000 per person, a charge that has been deemed to expensive.

But speaking on Radio Maisha, Ms Muhando explained that the proceeds from the launch will go towards building a church.

“I am doing this because God has asked me to build Him a place of worship. I am not, and never been a preacher, but He has directed me to. I want to continue in ministry, to build His kingdom – and I require instruments.

“What I know best is music, and I am leveraging it at this concert to raise funds. Where it will be located, whoever will worship there, or who will be the preacher only God knows,” she said.

Muhando also said she is launching the album in Kenya because Kenyans supported her after she was hospitalised.

“A lot of Kenyans prayed, fasted and cried out to God because they loved me. I am now healthy – got my life back in double portions. Some say I look lovely and have gained weight – and I thank them, that’s why I decided to hold my concert here [Kenya]. These people stood by me.”

“Even when I got well, they never stopped and continued to pray that I return to ministry. There are preachers in Nakuru who took to the mountains for 21 days to fast and pray for my wellbeing and music,” she said.

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