Police Officer In Car Chase With Auctioneers Flees Into Army Barracks

February 19, 2021

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officers at Embakasi Garrison, Nairobi had an unexpected guest on Wednesday evening after a police officer attempted to drive into the barracks while escaping from auctioneers.

Police Constable Joseph Kinuthia was in a car chase with auctioneers who wanted to repossess his Honda CRV for defaulting on a loan for one year.

He is said to have been avoiding calls from the bank and auctioneer’s notices. The officer had also removed a GPS car tracker that had been installed by the bank.

On Wednesday, however, the auctioneers ambushed PC Kinuthia, leading to a high-speed car chase. The officer sped towards the barracks seeking refuge and attempted to force his way past the military men manning the gate at around 6:25 pm.

“The policeman was accused of threatening the auctioneers every time they got hold of him and tried to seize the car,” a report filed at Embakasi Police Station read.

KDF officers said the policeman pulled out his registered firearm and threatened to shoot one of the auctioneers. The army men manning the gate, however, responded swiftly and disarmed the cop.

Military police and officers from the National Police Service (NPS) arrested the suspect and the auctioneers as well.

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