Eric Omondi Reveals Jacque Maribe Role In Wife Material 2

February 12, 2021

Eric Omondi looks set to renew his controversial reality show ‘Wife Material’ as he continues to pit various women against each other for his hand in marriage.

Even though it has since become apparent that the first season was a publicity/ marketing gimmick, Omondi says he is approaching 40 years and needs to settle down.

“I can get a wife like this but this is how I want to meet my wife. This time I want contestants who are over 23 years and above from East Africa. I will have 15 ladies in a house,” he said.

Omondi was hoping to feature two of his ex-girlfriends, Jacque Maribe and Chantal Grazioli, but the latter has since distanced herself from Wife Material 2.

“Fake news. I will not be appearing on Wife Material,” Chantal recently wrote after Eric had claimed she would be on the show.

Omondi, however, says he was misunderstood as Chantal was not supposed to be among the girls.

“She was not to be among the 15 girls, no. She was to come in as a pastor or an adviser. I explained to her that. However, she will not be in the country, so she will not make it,” he said.

The comedian further said his baby mama Jacque Maribe will play the role of adviser.

“The show has different parts, like now Jacque is coming in as an adviser,” he said, adding: “What I mean is that she will be the one talking to the girls, explaining to them what Eric likes and what he does not like. She will be giving them tips on how to win my heart.”

Maribe could not be reached for comment.

Eric also disclosed that the show will also feature couples, including Nameless and Wahu.

“There will be respected couples in the show. With that, I mean people like Wahu and Nameless. There will be a pastor.”

The comedian has also been hinting at Betty Kyallo being in the show.

The dates of when the show will start will be communicated later.


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