Amina Abdi Recalls Day She Fainted For Wearing A Waist Trainer After Giving Birth

February 4, 2021

Media personality Amina Abdi Rabar has spoken out against the pressures new mothers face, including post-partum weight gain.

Speaking from her own experience, the radio and tv presenter rued using a waist trainer in a bid to lose weight. She recalled how she fainted at work after wearing a waist trainer 24/7.

“There is the pressure that you put on yourself as mum which needs to stop, I remember when I just gave birth and I didn’t want to look like that, I got this belt that I was wearing.

“I heard about it when I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. I was wearing it 24/7 and this one morning I fainted, and I was rushed to hospital. I couldn’t breathe. They found out and I told my husband not to tell my mum. People walk around with this belt, and you can’t breathe, all for what!” Amina wondered.

The ‘Trend’ presenter also noted that motherhood is quite difficult than it is made up to be on social media.

“I thought it was because that was my first child, I was like I didn’t know anything. It was so painful, people lie they just show you this beautiful amazing life, all these planned photoshoots when the baby is not crying and throwing themselves on the floor, people just show you a very different side of it.

“People just need to tell you it’s so difficult, and it doesn’t matter how much money you have, or you can get like 10 nannies. The whole process whether you gave birth or its adoption it a whole different transition to how you used to live. Your body is changing, you are hormonal all the time, you are breastfeeding, and it’s not enough, it’s a lot and the people who are telling you they are not stressed, they are lying,” she added.

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