5 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

February 16, 2021

Twitter is an amazing social media platform that helps individuals and brands to have access to audiences around the world. In today’s era having a cost-effective method that lets you communicate with your audience, isn’t something easy. Hence many brands try to excel in Twitter marketing but with millions of users, gaining popularity on Twitter might seem hard and time-consuming. 

Hence it’s important to consider twitter marketing just like any other marketing campaign and one should put the same efforts into it. The very first thing a brand should do before diving into Twitter marketing, that is making an action plan. To make your action plan, list down your brand’s goals, set up the budget, and make a plan which you can follow to achieve your goals (that is the hardest part). Hence to make it easy we have listed 5 actionable tips for you that will definitely help you increase engagement on Twitter, we recommend you include them in your action plan. So let’s get started. 

1. Be consistent 

Let’s start with the most obvious and most important tip, and that is of course about being consistent. Getting success on Twitter sounds all motivating, but as time passes and that motivation starts to wear off, it’s natural to become inactive on social media accounts if one isn’t getting engagement. But as we all have heard consistency is the key, it applies to every social media platform especially Twitter. In order to increase followers on Twitter, you need to stay in front of your audience. There isn’t any fixed number, how many times you should tweet as it depends on your brand’s objectives, social media strategy, and resources, but you should tweet at least once per day. 

Of course, it’s not possible or easy for everyone to remain active on Twitter on a regular basis, and hence we recommend you to use tweet scheduling tools. So you can take out a few hours on weekends to schedule tweets for a week. And if you want to gain maximum exposure, research a bit and see what’s the best time to tweet for your brand according to your audience.

2. Use relevant hashtags and follow trends 

Hashtags which are now known as a valuable marketing tool and are being used enormously on almost every social media platform now were originally born on Twitter. 

Using relevant hashtags and following trends can be a great way to expose your brand in front of a new audience, it will help you to boost your engagement and make your brand discoverable. But that doesn’t mean that you should load up your tweet with hashtags. Hence put effort to find the right hashtags for your brand, you can also check out what hashtags your competitors are using for insights. And don’t forget to create a unique hashtag that will represent your brand. 

Plus, tweeting about the trendy topics will also help a new audience in discovering your brand, but makes sure it doesn’t make a negative impact on your brand image.

3. Engage with your followers 

Unlike any other social media platform, Twitter isn’t about sharing content or socializing instead it is all about communication. Hence you won’t get as many options to engage with your audience as you’ll get from other social media platforms, So make sure you use the given features wisely. 

Use Twitter to engage with your audience as it’s simple and fun, it will allow you to pose questions with four options to choose from. And it can also help you gain useful insights about your audience like their opinions, preferences, ideas, and so much more. 

To make the most out of it, you’ll have to understand your audience as it will help you know what kind of content will help your audience to engage. 

Twitter offers you a two-way communication channel, which is not just about speaking but also about listening, hence take part in conversations that relate to you or your brand. 

4. Use Twitter ads 

Using Twitter ads will perfectly complement organic methods, as it will offer you more exposure by putting your tweets and account in front of people who have shown interest in your niche. Twitter ads offer two options, promote mode and Twitter ads, you can choose one of those according to your brand’s goals. 

Twitter ads can be a real game-changer as your account will get the much-needed exposure and visibility in front of your targeted audience. The great thing about it is that you can target your audience on the basis of demographic, interest, keywords, and so much more, hence they will most probably follow your account. Unlike many other social media ad campaigns, Twitter ads offer a lot more flexibility. 

And of course, you don’t have to spend a lot on Twitter ads, as you can create an effective campaign even on a small budget. 

5. Use third-party promotional services

So the last tip we have for you is about using a third-party service, a paid method that will help you buy Twitter retweets, followers, likes and tweets from real and active users. Even though it has its own pros and cons, you should definitely try them out as they can help you save a lot of time and effort. 

Although I agree that there are many scammers out there but there are many genuine sites too, you’ll just have to be careful before buying their services. Make sure you do complete research, read reviews, and try their trial packs (if available). And many of them offer customized packs too, in case their listed packs don’t fulfill your requirements. 

The best thing about using a third party promotional service is that they can help you increase engagement on Twitter within a few days. And the followers that you’ll get from a genuine third party, will actually engage and interact with your tweets since they’ll be real Twitter users.

Author’s note 

So that was it. There are many other Twitter marketing tips that I’d love to add, but for now, these 5 tips will be enough to help you increase engagement on Twitter.  

If you have any questions or suggestions, do leave us a comment in the comment section. 

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