TV Personality Manasseh Nyagah Talks Fashion And Style

January 11, 2021

Media personality Manasseh Nyagah talked to Pulse about his impeccable style and fashion sense.

In two words describe your style….

My style is bold and elegant. It accommodates trends and stays decent for every occasion.

What sets your style apart from the average guy?

My unpredictable nature really sets me apart. You never know what to expect.

To stay fresh, it means constantly upgrading your wardrobe. How often do you shop?

I shop all the time. Impulse buying is a common thing with me and I’m always online window shopping. And yes, I do repeat outfits. Rarely the same combination, but I do.

How do you stay on top of your slay game?

For the red carpet, I do lots of research then I pair up colours, trends and designs that work for me. Mostly I custom make. For TV, I go with the flow really because it depends on how I feel and what show I am about to appear on.

Stylists can be a lifesaver. In this case, a fashion saver. Are they worth it?

Yes! Stylists are worth the penny. They know where to shop for a variety of things, they bring your vision to life and they advise you on current trends.

Who are some of the local stylists you have worked with?

I loved working with Winnie Odande and Uncommon Rebel. Both are very talented ladies.

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