Jane Mugo Warns Kenyans Mocking Her, “I am Monitoring You”

January 26, 2021

If you were anywhere close to the internet on Monday, you must be familiar with the biggest topic of the day.

The BBC aired a documentary on Kenyan private detective Jane Mugo.

Although everyone appreciates that the private investigation business is secretive, no one thought it is downright comical.

Over a period of several months, BBC journalist Sharon Machira followed Mugo as she conducted her activities. She even welcomed her to her house on several occasions.

Mugo claims that she is a hunted woman owing to her line of work. She has rigged her house with multiple CCTV cameras including hiding them in everyday objects like clocks and artwork.

She has a small battalion of ‘bodyguards’, and four fierce dogs including one called Hitler, because – her words, “It hits on everyone”.

One of her guards takes the role of a food taster because not even the cook can be trusted. The guards eat their lunch while being whipped on their backs so they can get used to pain.

Her Land Cruiser is driven recklessly on her way to crime scenes.

The detective was also happy to show us her taekwondo skills, or lack thereof.

All in all, the documentary looked like a low budget Nollywood or Wakaliwood movie. And Kenyans made that fact known.

We even have a whole story on the reactions on Twitter.

One person who was not amused was Jane Mugo herself. She made it clear on Facebook that she was watching all the mocking being directed at her.

She wondered why people were not concentrating on her success.

“Am slowly monitoring the comments… Idles, haters who have never appeared on local radio station or their village limelight. They cannot show us what they have done in their village struggling to put food on the table yet jealous souls,” she wrote.

“Nobody is speaking about my training or my range. I am an African woman and I don’t regret loving myself. I pray you stay longer to witness my blessings.

“While the world  is  congratulating me for winning in a male-dominated job, I saw some cheap desperate bloggers vomiting hatred looking for cheap publicity.”

If you missed the documentary, here it is.

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