Jane Mugo: How Kenyans Reacted To BBC Documentary On Kenya’s Spy Queen

January 26, 2021

Kenyans were Monday morning treated to an outrageous documentary based on the life of controversial Kenyan private detective, Jane Mugo.

Titled “Kenya’s Spy Queen”, the piece by BBC investigative segment Africa Eye let viewers in on the intriguing detective work of the social media sensation who claims to have solved hundreds of crimes including murders and kidnappings.

“I am the best in the world. In Africa and Kenya, nobody can beat me up,” Jane Mugo told BBC’s Sharon Machira.

At one point in the piece, Jane tries to showcase her taekwondo skills that left a lot to be desired. She also introduced her squad which she claimed had to undergo rigorous training.

Jane also revealed that she lives in a secret compound protected by 10 bodyguards and trained dogs, one of which is named Hitler.

Further, Mugo’s food has to be tasted by others before she can eat it.

“If the chef refuses to have the food of course I’m not going to have it. Because if you cooked the food why don’t you want to taste it?” she posed.

While her methods and claims have been questioned, the BBC piece mentioned that Jane Mugo has put behind bars more than 70 criminals.

“I love my job and I love justice. Fighting for justice is in my blood system,” Mugo says, despite receiving numerous death threats.

The docu saw Jane Mugo top trending topics on Twitter as Kenyans(KOT) took to the platform to poke holes in her claims while bashing BBC for wasting 30 minutes of their lives.

We have sampled some reactions below.


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