As the Bitcoin Craze Sweeps Kenya, Here’s Some Good News for Forex Traders

January 8, 2021

The functionalities of money-transfer platforms has steadily increased to encompass much more spheres of online currency and digital walleting technology.

Cryptocurrency is one of the world’s most fathomable digital currencies and its growth and popularity has grown exponentially, roping in millions of people and sweeping across Countries both big and small.

Bitcoin, as it is, is a phenomena that many have come to embrace and also apply in their day to day life as they try to come to terms, especially, with the harsh realities of living in a cash-strapped Covid-19 world.

And as more and more countries continue to relish in the beauty of cryptocurrency, Kenya has not been left behind as many Kenyans have also dived into the cryptocurrency world and are increasingly buying and selling bitcoins via Mpesa.

Peter Gicheru, the founder of popular bitcoin platform Bitpasha, has come along way to introduce the concept of buying and selling of bitcoins via Bitpasha.

On Bitpasha, one can make remittances and payments to and from Africa within minutes via Bitcoin.

It also happens to be one of the few Kenyan sites where you can actually buy and sell bitcoins using Mpesa.

On BitPasha’s website, one can easily log in and, in the flick of a finger, basically do quick transactions within minutes of logging in.

And the dispora market has been catered to as well as Kenyans abroad can also send money to Kenya through bitcoins.

“Its simple, all you have to do is to just buy bitcoins from Bitpasha, enter the recepient Mpesa phone number and they will receive their Mpesa almost immediately,” says a BitPasha sales representative.

Even as the Covid-19 restrictions continue to pound the Country and push more and more Kenyans to the precipice of poverty and hopelessness, at least there’s more you can do with your mobile phone than just sitting at home and ranting online.

And sellling and buying bitcoins, via Mpesa, using the BitPasha website, is definitely top on the list.

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