Anita Nderu – Who Someone Chooses To Love Is None Of Your Business

January 26, 2021

Media personality Anita Nderu says it’s no one’s business if someone is gay or straight.

Speaking in an interview on Radio Jambo, Anita addressed the backlash she received when she tweeted her support for the LGBTQ community in Kenya.

“I believe everyone has been in love. I think it’s unfair to force people to conform to what people believe is the definition of what’s right and what’s wrong,” she told Massawe Japanni.

According to Anita, when issues about LGBTQ are raised, people claim that it’s not in the Bible; a narrative she disagrees with.

“Those who brought us that religion have agreed to this. Pope himself has agreed,” she said.

“Why would someone refuse to give you work because you are in love with your fellow man or woman? It has nothing to do with your credentials, professionalism and doesn’t affect your work. Who someone chooses to love is none of your business. People say that’s not African but the world has changed, people need to be allowed to love who they want as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else.”

Anita also spoke about her current dating status saying: “I didn’t want to talk about my relationship but I am with a man.”

The former Teen Republik presenter has been dating DJ Sun Man for about 12 years.

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