Why Diamond’s Mother Doesn’t Want To Get Close To His Women

December 4, 2020

Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sandrah Kassim has admitted that she is not happy when her son jumps from one woman to another.

Speaking to Wasafi Media, Bi Sandra alias ‘Mama Dangote’, also clarified that she is not manipulative regarding who Diamond dates contrary to reports. She disclosed that she once slapped her celebrity son for bringing different women to her.

“Mara sijui huyu, mara kesho huyu. One day I became angry and beat him up,” she said.

Asked what kind of woman she would want Diamond to marry, Bi Sandra said one who is disciplined and respectful.

“I want a woman who loves our religion, is concerned with family and they understand themselves as well. Sio mke tu yeyote.”

She mentioned that she is not aware if Diamond is currently dating.

“So far I have not seen one. I also do not want to be close to any of his women unless he tells me this is the one. I also do not want any kind of nonsense, so she should be respectful,” said Sandra.

She also mentioned that things started going south between her and Hamisa after Hamisa called reporters when Bi Sandra went to see her in hospital following the birth of her son Dylan.

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