Sheila Mwanyigha Reveals Qualities Of Her Ideal Man

December 3, 2020

Former Nation FM presenter Sheila Mwanyigha opened up about marriage revealing some of the qualities of her ideal partner.

The celebrated media personality opened up to comedian Churchill on “The Journey Edition” show, revealing that she is not in a hurry to get married. She cited an example of US Vice President Kamala Harris who got married at 50.

“Kamala Harris, at 50 years is when things started happening, mnaniharakisha kwa nini?… wacheni kuharakisha watu, naweza kukuwa Vice President alafu mnataka kunifanya niendee Diaper,” she joked.

Ms Mwanyigha went to explain that, “Marriage is a partnership…you find someone who you walk through life with not just anyone”.

She noted that nowadays it’s more difficult to get someone to settle down with “…especially when you are in a position where people know you, they see you and they assume they know you, they assume this is the person that you are and really you are just a simple person, so inakuwa complicated,” she said.

Sheila recalled going on a date with a man who asked her to quit her TV presenter job.

“Kulikuwa na time nilikutana na a very nice man, I thought he was very nice. We went out for a meal (during the TPF days) …the waiters are happy, they wave and you wave back. Wacha tumalize dinner, akaniambia for us to date not get married, utaenda uwache hiyo job yako…nikamwambia you know what soma Label,” said Mwanyigha.

The ‘Sheila Lives Out Loud’ host and producer also mentioned that her mother has never pressured her to settle down and have children.

“For her, she understood that motherhood is choice and she said you are now part of a generation where you can live your life, do the thing you want, sidhani nitakupatia pressure ya bringing me a husband. You live, do the things that make sense to you,” she said.

On the qualities of her dream man, Sheila listed;



Someone who likes to walk and run in the forest

Someone who loves God

Someone who cherishes family

Someone who is not threatened… Nikiingia Mahali na watu wananisalimia by name na wanasema ile ya kawaida, usianze kuniangalia zile za sasa ya kawaida ndio nini?”

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