‘Come Baby Come!’ Akothee Ready To Get Married Following Daughter’s Graduation

December 3, 2020

Celebrity musician Akothee is “manifesting” a husband after her daughter, Vesha ‘Shaillan’ Okello, graduated from college.

The 23-year-old, who doubles up as a director at her mother’s tours and travel company, graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree from Strathmore University.

Being the proud mother she has always been, Akothee threw Vesha an opulent bash that saw Vesha being chauffeured in a limousine from the graduation square to the 5-star luxury hotel Villa Rosa Kempinski.

Amid the celebrations, Akothee took to social media to declare that she is ready to settle down given that all her daughters are now grown and independent.

“Now I am ready to get married ? my children are all grown and working, earning their own money ?. God bring my husband now ?? I won’t ask him to pay for my children’s bills nor rent, it will be me and Him ?? Come Baby Come, I am tired of sleeping Alone now ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?? No one is coming to our bedroom for mother cuddling ???,” Akothee wrote.

In another Instagram post, the mother of five spared some valuable life lessons for Vesha;

“I have put wisdom/knowledge in you. You don’t go to school to get employed?, you go to school to earn wisdom & knowledge & learn some manners, and how to relate with people.

“It’s not the degree that you carry around that will earn you a living, it’s what you do with the degree that will earn you both respect, opportunities, and employment.?

“You don’t have to announce that you are a graduate with second class upper Division ? The results of what you do at your place of work with those whom you work around with will definitely tell if you were really in school or at school?

?You don’t have to carry being a graduant from STRATHMORE around your neck, We want what you achieved in Strathmore that is inside your head .
?Be good to yourself and to others
?Respect your bosses and leaders,” Akothee wrote.


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