Meet Fashionista Behind Azuri Closet, Sylvia Bonareri

December 21, 2020

Sylvia Bonareri is the founder of Azuri Closet, an online boutique that stocks ladies’ wear and accessories. The lawyer spoke to People Daily about style and fashion.

In your opinion, is image that important?

Yes, it is. People tend to treat you based on how you present yourself. This is the reason people dress up for interviews.

It is undeniable that fashion colours people’s perception of a person. This is why I feel you should always dress the role you are playing at the moment; whether going out, going to work or simply lounging at home.

When did your love for fashion start? 

My love for fashion started back when I was in high school. I would always want to try out new styles at home whenever schools were closed.

I realised that some designs made me happy and more confident in myself and slowly learnt to dress my body and be more confident in myself.

How can you describe your fashion? 

I would say that my fashion is simple but elegant. I am very experimental as I believe it is the only way to truly learn more about yourself.

I would also say that my fashion and sense of style has evolved over time. A few years back, I did not have the courage to wear some dress styles, as I was afraid of popular opinion.

I am more confident now and surer of my fashion sense and what I want to wear independent of fashion fads.

What made you start Azuri Closet and what do you stock?

I started Azuri Closet in February this year. I have always loved fashion and the idea of opening up a store that would stock items that I would personally buy has been at the back of my mind since 2017.

However, I was not sure if I would be able to manage it. But I have learnt that anything worth pursuing is normally done in fear. So, I decided to start anyway.

Azuri Closet stocks up all kinds of unique ladies’ wear ranging from fancy dresses, simple jeans, sexy nightwear, lingerie, pants, bralettes to tiny stylish bags and accessories.

Which style icons do you look up to? 

I think I only have three style icons I look up to; Amina Abdi, Anita Nderu and Olivia Culpo. Bold styles yet still elegant is their commonality.

Which is your best fashion buy? 

A white dress with sheer sleeves that I had originally sourced for Azuri Closet, that I ended up buying for myself.

It is so simple, elegant and timeless and is perfect for any occasion. I just add different accessories to accentuate or marry with the event I am attending.

Perfume or books?

Perfume and books. I love smelling nice. I think it is important for every woman or man to own a good perfume.

A good scent gives you confidence. In the same vein, I feel that books are a must have for everyone too.

I always have two or three books on different topics at any given time and use the time waiting for clients at the store to read.

Which is that one piece of clothing that every woman should own and why?

Every woman should at least own a little black dress and a little white dress.

These two items flatter just about any size and are quite versatile as to be worn to any kind of event. They are also easy to accessorise.

What’s that one piece of style advice you’d be willing to give?

Always wear outfits that make you happy, confident and content. Don’t be afraid to play around with colours and experiment.

Find out which colours and fits make you the happiest then proceed and stock them.

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