TV Host Aisha Wanjiku Talks Newly Launched Ombré Braids, Coloured lashes

November 23, 2020

TV personality and digital influencer Aisha Wanjiku recently launched her hair beauty line, with ombre braids and coloured eyelashes. She talked to People Daily about her venture and everything fashion.

Tell us about your hairline.

A-Line Beauty is a colourful beauty brand that I founded. So far, it has ombre braids and coloured lashes. It is just month-old in the market space but making big strides.

What sparked your interest in hair beauty?

I have always wanted to get into the beauty industry, a passion that started when I was in Mombasa as a 20-year-old and always wanted to get braids, weaves and wigs from Nairobi and sell them in

Mombasa. The dream has just become a reality.

Why ombre?

Colours! My love for colours and my colourful personality drove me towards this direction.

I love going all out with my hair and experimenting with it, especially with different colours.

So, I thought why not tap into something that I actually enjoy that will be me working and having fun too while at it.

What is the perspective behind ombre for hair beauty?

Just picture the sight of a rainbow after a rainy day and the skies are almost clear again. Seven different colours, but all perfectly blended; the transition is seamless and the sight is magical.

Now picture that on your head. A splash of colour with a subtle intro, smooth transition and a good end board. A movie worth reading the credits, right?

Although the brand is new, how has the reception been like thus far?

Oh, it’s been great. Very grateful for the orders and support I have gotten so far.

With the festive season approaching, trust me you will see a lot of women and children rocking them. Business will boom during the season of colour and making merry.

So, can you say this is the in-trend within the current market?

Totally. Apart from braiding the hair, you can use it as a hair extension when it comes to styling and I have seen lots of creativity being put into it.

That is also how I stumbled on them while searching for latest black women hair trends.

What does ombre hair colour speak about a person’s personality?

The bold and adventurous. Did I describe myself?  Fun, outgoing; someone who will go to buy bread at the nearest kiosk and end up in Vasha..Ha-ha-ha!

How best can one  wear all these hair colours and easily avoid a fashion disaster?

So, when you pick either a 2/3/4 coloured ombre braid, be sure to have a stylist who knows how to work them; the colours have to be perfectly aligned as the stylist works on you.

Otherwise, if they handle the braid bundle carelessly and each braid looks like a different shade, then we might have all the flags of the nations as a result.

Are you always fashion conscious?

Yes being a media personality, one is always exposed to what is new through the stylist, so I am always in the know about what is popping.

What’s your simplest fashion hack?

It ought to be recycling old clothes and matching them with new ones. People will always think they are brand new.

Why fashion as an investment? 

Working in TV, I am always smack in the middle of fashion exposed to latest trends, so this was a no brainer.

Any immediate future plans for the brand? 

Let’s see what God has in store for us. We don’t make the plans for ourselves. Inshallah.

Advice to young investors looking to go the same way as you…

Save first, use money that won’t hurt your pocket once you decided to venture in something new. Pray for guidance and dive right into it. Life is for the risk takers.

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