The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday November 12)

November 12, 2020

Here are today’s biggest headlines from select sources around the world.

Alarm grows over Trump’s ‘dictator moves’ as he denies election defeat

President Donald Trump’s administration is taking on the characteristics of a tottering regime — with its loyalty tests, destabilizing attacks on the military chain of command, a deepening bunker mentality and increasingly delusional claims of political victory.

Here’s who could serve in top roles in the Biden administration

President-elect Joe Biden is set to announce who will serve in top roles in his administration in the coming days and weeks.

Analysis: How Donald Trump’s ‘perfect’ phone call foretold his 2020 loss

Even as far back as July 2019, Donald Trump knew that Joe Biden posed a major threat to his chances of winning a second term.

Wall Street to Trump: It’s over. This isn’t a repeat of 2000

The Trump campaign is waging a legal war over the 2020 presidential election results. Wall Street, on the other hand, is already moving on.

Misinformation channels claim Biden is no longer President-elect. That’s not true.

As supporters of President Donald Trump continue to spread baseless allegations of voter fraud, a new theme is emerging in their attacks on the election’s legitimacy.

Trump’s public schedules show little interest in work

The President of the United States is absent without leave. President Donald Trump is set to make his first public appearance in six days Wednesday when he visits Arlington National Cemetery to commemorate Veterans Day alongside first lady Melania Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Jason Momoa was in debt after ‘Game of Thrones’

According to Jason Momoa he was “completely in debt” and “starving” immediately following his role on the hit series “Game of Thrones.”

Pfizer’s CEO sold $5.6 million in stock the day he announced promising vaccine news

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla filed to sell millions of dollars of his company’s stock Monday — the day the pharmaceutical giant announced positive data about its coronavirus vaccine.

World leaders congratulate Joe Biden on his victory

A stream of world leaders congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory in the 2020 US presidential election on Saturday, with many striking a jubilant tone on social media.

Coronavirus: Denmark shaken by cull of millions of mink

There was shock last week when Denmark decided to cull all its mink – up to 17 million animals – because of the spread of coronavirus. That national cull has turned into a political outcry, now that the prime minister has admitted the plan was rushed and had no legal basis.

The rebirth of a historic river

“My great uncle and my grandma and my great grandparents and, I’m sure, their great grandparents: they were all fishermen. That’s just what they did – they fished and it was out of necessity to support their families.

TikTok asks Donald Trump: ‘Are we still banned?’

That included a new proposal that would “create a new entity wholly owned by Oracle, Walmart and existing US investors in ByteDance, that would be responsible for handling TIkTok’s US user data and content moderation”.

Britney Spears loses court bid to remove father’s control over estate

The singer is “afraid” of her father, and won’t perform as long as he controls her affairs, her lawyer says.

What Trump could do after leaving the White House

Donald Trump will remain in office until 20 January, when he’ll hand the job over to his successor and join the exclusive club of former US presidents. So what next for the politician and business mogul? There’s a lucrative speakers’ circuit, the penning of a memoir, the planning of a presidential library.

China to clamp down on internet giants

The regulations suggest increasing unease in Beijing with the growing influence of digital platforms.

Guinness recalls alcohol-free beer just two weeks after launch

The firm has recalled cans of its non-alcoholic stout just two weeks after they were launched.

U.S. Hits All-Time High For COVID-19 Hospitalizations

The number of hospitalizations linked to COVID-19 has hit an all-time high after medical facilities across the U.S. reported that 61,964 patients were hospitalized on Tuesday with serious cases of the virus, the latest sign that the worst of the pandemic may lie ahead.

Gen Z Is The Most Stressed Out By 2020, Study Suggests

If the young people in your life seem more miserable and overwhelmed than usual, take them seriously: Out of all age groups, Gen Z is the most stressed out by 2020. An annual U.S. survey on stress is raising the alarm over a teen mental health crisis that’s gotten worse because of the pandemic and social unrest.

These are the first human passengers to try hyperloop travel

The pod reached speeds of up to 172 km/h during a trip that lasted just 15 seconds.

What Apple’s new in-house silicon chip means for you

Apple may have released four new iPhones this fall, but Tim Cook isn’t done flooding homes with hardware for 2020. There are two new MacBooks and a Mac Mini coming soon, and they all bring something new: Apple’s custom-made M1 silicon chip.

Reporter drops an extremely relatable F-bomb on live TV

It happens to the best of us. During a live appearance on MSNBC on Tuesday, reporter Ken Dilanian dropped not one, but two profanities when asked about how the current presidential administration is dealing with President-elect Joe Biden’s win. “Ken Dilanian has some new reporting on…

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