Nana Gecaga Seeks To Inspire And Motivate With YouTube Show ‘Team 5 minutes Real Talk’

November 24, 2020

Kenyatta International Convention Center C.E.O Nana Wanjiuku Gecaga is already two episodes in on her new TV show dubbed ‘Team 5 Minutes Real Talk’.

Airing on her YouTube channel Team 5 Minutes, the show aims to inspire, motivate, and empower society through real-life stories from people of all walks of life, Nana said.

“It’s been a VERY difficult year for most people and with that comes a lot of anxiety, uncertainty, and stress to name but a few. I’ve suffered some of these as well and I know I’m NOT ALONE HERE, especially when at times I’ve felt very ALONE…But EVEN in a time of crisis, there can be opportunities for growth and finding ways to cope or try to stay on top of things that we feel are bringing us down. I will be talking about and SHARING: How do you turn a crisis into an opportunity for growth? Join us on Team 5 Minutes and together we can try to support each other and share ways that have helped you and in turn, could quite possibly help someone dealing with and going through what we are all struggling with silently. @team5minutes is all about standing together to MOTIVATE, EMPOWER AND INSPIRE TOGETHER ??,” the mother of three said.

The first 13-minute episode of the show sees the corporate executive explore the topic of “designing your life”, which entails planning for the life you want to live.

In episode 2 of ‘Team 5 Minutes Real Talk’, the 42-year-old businesswoman speaks to lifestyle and wellness coach, Roseanne Kamau, about her(Nana) healthy living journey.

“In this episode, I speak about my healthy living journey during this COVID period and how I was able to SHAKE OFF 14kgs in 12 WEEKS with the help of coach Roseanne and by eating HEALTHY and the HEY SUGAR PROGRAM ⭐️ Feeling good is NOT only on the outside BUT on the inside too ❤️,” said Nana Gecaga.

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