Pastor Man Kush Lectures Young Celebrities Parading Marriages On Social Media

October 30, 2020

Yet another “man of God” has sounded an alarm over Kenyan celebrities broadcasting their marriage affairs on social media.

Less than a month after controversial city preacher Godfrey Migwi accused public figures of living fake lives on social media, Pastor Paul Kuria, aka Man Kush, has accused the same celebrities of devaluing the sanctity of marriage.

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“If you do not know the value of something, it no longer becomes an issue to you, you end up abusing it,” the ‘Home of Glory Joy Ministry’ overseer said.

According to the preacher, some so-called celebrity couples are deluded by their huge fanbase.

“Even the devil has followers and most of them do not know that the same followers are ‘enjoying’ waiting for their downfall,” he said.

“I asked Kabi Wa Jesus the essence of exposing their bedroom affairs, showing people how he surprises his wife. I am not impressed by what someone is doing at a young age, but what matters is the ending of the matter.

“I do not find it appropriate to post the thighs of my wife on social media. I also do not see why I should show you the gift that I have bought for my wife,” added Man Kush.

The pastor blamed social media for troubled marriages, saying many couples are bitter because they agreed to expose their private life to the public.

“We have very few people who go through marital counselling and if they do, they choose to go to those who are almost their agemates so they can get it for free,” he said.

“Some hire their friends who know nothing about marriage as their bride’s maid and best man during their weddings. What will they advise in case of trouble in that marriage?” he posed Man Kush.

At the same time, Pastor Kuria advised people to be careful with what they consume on social media.

“Most of those who are calling themselves gospel singers are in the gospel industry which is all business,” he said, further noting:
“I stopped worrying when I realised they are in the industry [for business].”

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